RISK NO MORE on T&D losses in APEC economies

The difference in the generated and distributed unit starting from the power stations pass through transformers, overhead lines, cables and other related equipment until reaching at the end users is known as Transmission and Distribution loss. The unit of electric energy, in fact, does not match with the unit distributed to the consumers in which some percentage of units is lost in the distribution network and generally the amounts are not paid by users. Distribution transformers (DTs) are a key component of the electricity system, and are responsible for about 30% of electricity transmission and distribution losses.

With financial support from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) with the China Standard Certification Company (CSC), in partnership with the International Copper Association (ICA) with ASEAN SHINE program is implementing the project entitled “Reducing Losses in Power Distribution through Improved Efficiency of Distribution Transformers” to improve efficiency of DTs with adoption of the upcoming IEC 60076-20 standard and ensure replicability of good practices on promoting energy efficiency standard, which will drive technology changes and increase DTs’ energy performance in APEC economies in the long term.

The project has successfully drawn and encouraged all beneficial key stakeholders; policy makers, standard making bodies, testing laboratories, manufacturers and utilities, through activity approaches as the studies on comparative analysis and technical recommendations report, the active consultation on the policy and regulatory recommendations report, the effective consultation workshops with strategic stakeholders and the international conference disseminating the outputs as a means to improve the DTs’ energy efficiency in APEC economies in order to reduce the electricity losses and correspond to the GHG emissions, to build the stakeholders capacity on the positive impact in terms of adopting IEC 60076-20 Technical Specification and to provide the policy makers with clear policy recommendations made in effectively collaborative consultation with other key stakeholders.

The recent success of the workshop on Sustainable Electric Utilization in Power Distribution through Improved Efficiency & Environmental-Friendly Distribution Transformers: An Integrated Policy Approach during 18-19 December 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand has reunited all beneficial key stakeholders and shown strong determination on the formulation of the best-practice through EE policies and regulations aiming for improved efficiency of distribution transformers in the APEC economies. This workshop attracted 80 participants from power utility companies, transformer producers, policy makers & standards bodies across Asia region. A separate round table dialogue was held at the end of the workshop to discuss action plan for adoption of IEC energy performance standards for non-utility sector in ASEAN.

Apart from its success, the project is designed to embed its sustainability. The recommendations for policy measures as well as a roadmap for the adoption of the international standard IEC 60076-20 will be consulted with policy makers to ensure local ownership through the two consultation workshops as a part of preparation process that will ensure the policy recommendations are accepted by policy makers. It is additionally expected that some APEC economies will initiate a domestic process for the standard adoption, which the ASEAN SHINE program will provide the platform and technical assistance to economies. CSC will also work closely in cooperation with the ICA to provide technical assistance to economies focusing the domestic (national) policy roadmaps development as part of its ongoing program to support the promotion of higher efficient DTs. The ASEAN SHINE program, managed by ICA in Southeast Asia, will lead the project to its initial platform on regional policy roadmap development, followed by the development and adoption of domestic policy roadmaps in ASEAN economies. The project outcomes will be disseminated by the United for Efficiency initiative, which is a global effort supporting developing and emerging economies to move their markets to energy-efficient appliances and equipment.

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Ms Satuorn Thamsongsana

Program Outreach Manager

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