ASEAN standards for the testing methods harmonized to ISO5151:2010

ASEAN standards for the testing methods have been harmonized to ISO5151:2010:

• Only one standard is now applicable to test the energy efficiency of air conditioners, reducing cost of compliance for AC manufacturers

• It paves the way for a future harmonization of energy performance standards in ASEAN

• Next step: adoption of ISO16358 on CSPF by all ASEAN Member States, to start in 2017

Steps :

1. Formation of the Technical Working Group (TWG)

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2Kick-off meeting of the TWG on 19-20 February 2013 in Jakarta

3. Comparative analysis of existing standards: an external consultant (Dr. Chin) was hired to lead the discussion among TWG members, gather information and prepare the comparative analysis of existing standards report. 

4. TWG consultation workshop on 2 July 2013 in Jakarta

5. Final report approved by EE&C SSN in May 2014

>  Final study report

6. Harmonization of standards in ASEAN to ISO5151:2010 adopted by SOME in July 2014