ASEAN SHINE, the Best and Effective Platform for EE Initiative in ASEAN, is a public-private partnership between the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) and the International Copper Association (ICA). It is in direct support of the United for Efficiency (U4E) Initiative which is a global effort supporting developing countries and emerging economies to move their markets to energy efficient appliances and equipment under the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) energy efficiency goal.

Switching global markets to energy efficient lighting, appliances and equipment brings significant environmental, economic and financial benefits and savings for countries, businesses and consumers. Making use of efficient products is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce electricity consumption and mitigate climate change.
ASEAN SHINE also aims to support the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community by removing non-tariff barriers to trade through harmonization of product standards. ASEAN SHINE is implemented under the steering of the ASEAN Member States and has been recognized as a key Dialogue Partner by the ASEAN Ministers of Energy Meeting (AMEM).
ASEAN SHINE adopts a holistic approach to market transformation, by using mechanisms including policy, regulations, capacity building along the supply chain, and awareness raising among end-users.

ASEAN SHINE currently works on standards harmonization across ASEAN for air conditioners and lighting products. Achievements include:

  • Agreement by ASEAN Member States to harmonize test methods for air conditioners to the international standard ISO 5151:2010
  • The agreement and adoption of a “ASEAN Regional Policy Roadmap for Harmonization of Energy Performance Standards for Air Conditioners”
  • Individual National policy roadmaps for air conditioners developed and adopted by ASEAN Member States to achieve regional harmonization.
  • Capacity building programs for manufacturers and testing laboratories in x number of countries
  • Consumer awareness campaigns and tools, including air conditioner selection software and AC SELECT Application to help retailers and consumers see the important economic benefits of purchasing higher efficiency air conditioners.
  • The establishment of ASEAN SHINE Lighting Technical and Policy workgroup;
  • The agreement of ASEAN Member States to establish harmonized standards for lighting products in the region.

With financial support from UN Environment and the European Union, ASEAN SHINE has completed a study to prepare for the expansion of ASEAN SHINE to include the following products: Continuation of Lighting, Refrigerators, Electric Motors, Distribution Transformers Solar PV and Solar Thermal.

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The International Copper Association (ICA) together with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) conducted a survey on energy savings potential and the current status of energy efficiency standards and labeling programs for air conditioners and refrigerators in ASEAN.

UNEP Copper Alliance


Based on the findings from the initial survey, a strategic framework for the Promotion of Higher Efficiency Appliances was developed and endorsed by the ASEAN Energy Efficiency and Conservation Sub-Sector Network (EE&C SSN) in support of the ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation (APAEC).



ICA, with the support of the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ), secured funding from APEC (111,000 USD) to implement the first step of the strategic framework: harmonization of the energy performance test methods standard for air conditioners in ASEAN.


2013 - 2016

ICA and UNEP received a grant from the European Union’s SWITCH-Asia program (1.7 million EURO) to implement the complete strategic framework for air conditioners: ASEAN SHINE was born.

Switch Asia - founded by European Union Asean shine


  • ASEAN Standatds for the testing methods harmonized to ISO 5151:2010
  • ASEAN Regional Policy Roadmap for Harmonization of Energy Performance Standards for Air Conditioners” adopted by 33rd ASEAN Ministed by Energy Meeting (AMEM)
  • National policy roadmaps developed and adopted by ASEAN Member States
  • Capacity building programs for AC manufacturers and testing laboratories
  • AC Selection software and AC SELECT App develope to help consumers see important economic benefits of purchasing higher efficiency air conditioners; traning of sales persons in ASEAN countries
AC Selection software and AC SELECT App

With funding from the EU's SWITCH-Asia Regional Policy Support Component(RPSC) and the Australian Government, ASEAN SHINE expanded to Lighting products in February 2016.

In February 2016, the Advisory Committee was formed, chaired by the International Energy Agency.

In December 2016, action plans for electric motors, distribution transformers, refrigerators and solar PV were developed with financial support from the EU SWITCH-Asia RPSC.

September 2016

"The Ministers agreed to pursue the dynamic collaboration with Dialogue Partners in the area of energy efficiency and conservation and acknowledged the continued implementation of the EU SWITCH Asia’s ASEAN SHINE program"

Joint Ministerial Statement, 34th ASEAN Energy Ministers Meeting, September 2016


2017 and beyond

ASEAN SHINE joins the United for Efficiency (U4E) initiative in support of Sustainable Energy for All. Under the Steering of the ten ASEAN Ministries of Energy, ASEAN SHINE will work on market transformation in favor of higher efficiency appliances and equipment and promote renewable energy.

Air Con Lighting Motors Refrigerator Transformer Computer